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Douville a acquired the ministerial amenity agenda 21 on February 19th, 2013: any groups mobilize us for his success :Town Hall : 05/53/82/99/99

The commune of Douville brings together several villages such as Saint-Mamet and Pont-Saint-Mamet, where the minister Paul Faure was born and is buried.

In 1835, fifty kilograms of truffles were gathered in the commune.



Located at the boundary of the Périgord Pourpre and northern entry to the Bergerac area, the commune of Douville is halfway between Périgueux and Bergerac on the National Route 21, in the midst of a hilly, timbered landscape.


The commune, which has 460* inhabitants, is made up of several principal hamlets: the historical market town of Douville (1382), Pont St Mamet, Maison Jeannette, Le Noyer…
Its altitude varies from 125m to 220m.

The name in Occitan is Dovila : The villa (agricultural estate) of °Deudo, a person’s name of Germanic origin.

  A rural, active commune, Douville au Pont St Mamet kept its school and its post office. It has an old-style bakery – grocery – multiservice, one hotel-restaurant, two camp grounds and many seasonal lodgings.

The economic activity is divided among craft industries, small shops, the tertiary sector and agriculture.

Historical sites and tourist activities are to be discovered all along the hiking paths.

Historical Sites

The Romanesque church of Douville (XIV° siècle)
The chapel of St Mamet
Ruins of the castle of Roussille (748)
The castle of La Forge
The castle of Dougnou
The castle of Lestaubière
The restored washing place of Pont Saint Mamet
The fountain St Front
The fountain of the Virgin of Cantalouette
Dwelling place of Viel Estaubière

Tourist Activities

Four paths for hiking, horseback riding or mountain bikes. The circuit “The Marguerite” is registered with the Departmental Walking & Hiking Routes Plan (PDIPR) of the Villamblard Area.
A communal tennis court at the disposal of all
A football field
A paint-ball site
A river classified 1st category

(official population on January 1, 2017)

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).