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Fougueyrolles Town HallVersion Française

Welcome to our home!!!

Let us summarise our history, our everyday life, and our ambitions in these few lines.

Our Occitan past finds its source 700 years ago, as follows:
The ruins of the chateau remind us of the existence of a 15th century noble hideout. The site was inhabited well before then, the name of the village appearing at the beginning of the 14th century. It was written Fauguerollas in 1306, then Falgayrolas in 1324, with “al” and “au” being equivalent. It represents the Occitan Falgairola, still used today in the Cevennes with falguieràs, to mean a place covered with ferns.

We also remember the presence of civil architecture, with the 19th century manors of Belair and Piqueterie. A modern church, on the walls of the 15th century, and a sculpted stone altarpiece from the 17th century are evidence of sacred architecture restored.
Our everyday life is busy. It constitutes the positive commitment of a well-knit municipal team.
Our hillside commune provides a very comfortable life for 505* inhabitants. Our school testifies to the efforts undertaken in a spirit of durability.
Our territory of more than 1100 hectares, crossed by two departmental roads, lets several activities co-exist.
The most representative are:
- Vineyards (wine growing in the Bergerac and Montravel AOC);
- Tourism (leisure centre, B & Bs, two gastronomic restaurants, an aerodrome.

Our future is ambitious.

It is the duty of our elected officials to work for a tomorrow built with the most equitable treatment of the population in mind. We have given ourselves the means, through the Montaigne Community of Communes in Montravel, and, thanks to a strong commitment by its representatives, to think collectively and to decide together.
For all that, the commune keeps its prerogatives, but it can view our future more clearly thanks to the more effective sharing of investments and a more standard operation.

Geographical Situation of the Commune

The departmental road (RD) 708 (Montpon - St Foy) and the RD 32 (Les Fleix - Les Réaux - Vélines) cross the commune. Situated near an airfield (air sports), the commune is 10 minutes from the A89 motorway to Bordeaux and 25km from Bergerac (airport).


(official population on January 1, 2017)

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).