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Issigeac Town HallVersion Française

The town of Issigeac is located in the Issigeac district in Dordogne.
It is a member of the Greater Bergerac Area.
It has 770* inhabitants on a surface area of 916 hectares.

Issigeac is a charming, remarkably well-preserved medieval village. The sixteenth-century church stands opposite the seventeenth-century Bishop’s Palace. The church was built by Armand de Gontaut Biron, Bishop of Sarlat and Seigneur of Issigeac (1498 -1519) on the site of a Romanesque priory. St Félicien’s Church suffered during the Wars of Religion but lived through more glorious times when the bishops of Sarlat built their residence at Issigeac and embellished the church - several of its statues date from this era (seventeenth century).

The town’s name in Occitan is Sijac: The property of Iccidius (or Uxedius), a Gallo-Roman person’s name.

  * (official population on January 1, 2017)

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).