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Lamonzie Montastruc Town HallVersion Française


“Small village by its number of inhabitants ( 727*) and large town by the richness of its inheritance”
Lamonzie Montastruc is located in Dordogne, approximately 12 km from Bergerac, on the Bergerac-Périgueux road via Vergt (dep. 21).

Located at the confluence of two rivers, the Caudeau and the Louyre,
the village of Lamonzie developed starting in the 12th century following the move of a group of monks belonging to the abbey of Sarlat under the protection of the castle of Montastruc.
Whence the name Lamonzie (a group of monks) and Montastruc, noble hideout located on a rocky outcrop (a place protected by a lucky star: aster).

Palaeolithic and Neolithic prehistory is present throughout the area. There are also traces of Merovingians.



Montastruc and Bellegarde castles, as well as the church, are classified as historical monuments.

The town is located in the Bergerac II canton in Dordogne. Its proximity to Bergerac offers its inhabitants very pleasant living conveniences, with calm, beautiful sites. It is a member of the
Community of the Bergerac urban area  and of the Greater Bergerac Area.

Many branches of activity exist on our more than 2066 hectare, mostly wooded (869 ha) territory. There are some farms, a tobacconist's shop and post office, a score of craftsmen, a quarry.

Tourist reception is ensured by farm inns, rural lodgings, B&Bs, and a four-star camp-site.



Three hiking circuits make it possible to discover our lovely patrimony.

The communally-grouped school welcomes the children of St Sauveur and Lamonzie from nursery school to the first year of primary school, age 6–7.

Very active associations animate local life all year long.

“All this makes it so good to live in Lamonzie Montastruc, that you are happy to spend a moment there or to remain there forever. ”



Coat of Arms Description
Silver band and azure edge charged with nine gold bezants (coins) posed 3, 3, 3, which are from Abzac, accompanied as a chief by a high sword to the right of a star, and a delightful fox at a peak, all in red.
This shield is accompanied by the motto:
1250 – He who does not want a saddle, God gives him a pack-saddle - 1993


  * (official population on January 1, 2017)

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).