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Lanquais Château

Lanquais’ history, its lake, its castles and concerts, its festivals, heritage and wooded countryside are some of the many reasons for visiting the village of 526* people tucked snugly into a valley in the «Périgord Pourpre» near the «Périgord Noir». Situated to the south of Périgueux on the Bergerac-Sarlat route, LANQUAIS, a village on the List of Historical Monuments, benefits from its proximity to Bergerac (18km) and Lalinde (7km) while retaining its rural character.
Why not pay a visit to the parish once known as « Linquaychs » (1276) ?




Coming from the direction of Mouleydier or Saint Capraise de Lalinde, Château de Laroque (private property) sets the tone.
Do not be surprised if on approaching Lanquais from Couze Saint Front an air of saintliness descends upon you, as legend has it that Saint Front was born at Lanquais and Saint Avit at Varennes : which goes to show that the area must have something going for it... !
Take the time to fully explore the past and present riches of this
ancient haunt of the nobility, dependant on the castellany of Beaumont.


The Village

The Romanesque church contains a relic of Saint Eutrope (a fragment of a rib) obtained in 1846 from the Bishop of La Rochelle. During the busy era of pilgrimages, crutches were left outside as a sign of healing every April 30th.

Over the course of your stay you will doubtless meet the people of Lanquais, some of whom have slight Dutch, Scottish or English accents ! Tools found in the area indicate that it has been inhabited by man since prehistoric times. Fragments of pottery, bricks and Romain coins stamped with the effigies of early emperors have also been discovered.


A visit of the renowned Château de Lanquais, built on the ruins of an ancient « castellum » and residence of the Bishops of Périgueux and numerous Seigneurs, cannot fail to transport you back into the past.
At the foot of the château stands an impressive tithe barn which has been converted into a festival and concert hall and, just nearby, your attention will doubtless be drawn by the sound of laughter as children play on the sand beaches of the lake created in 1986.
Ferns and bright-yellow gorse line the footpaths around the villages, snaking through forests of pine, chestnut, oak and hazelnut trees.
Nature and architecture, festivities and relaxation combine to create a wonderful holiday spot and LANQUAIS and its inhabitants already offer you their heartfelt welcome.

(official population on January 1, 2017)

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).