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The Chapel


The name Laveyssière appears for the first time in an 18th century register, in the form “La Vaischa”. The name Laveyssière comes from “vaisse” or “baysse”, the pre-Latin name of the hazel tree or wild hazelnut. “La veyssière” is a place planted with hazel trees.

Laveyssière is a small rural village with 132 inhabitants
(official population on January 1, 2017). Its surface area is 669 hectares, mostly wooded. It is situated in the district of Villamblard, between Villamblard, Mussidan, La Force, and Bergerac.
(If someone knows the names of our inhabitants, please let us know.)


The Eyraud

Laveyssière belonged to the feudal jurisdiction of Bergerac, then to that of Maurens, and finally, that of Montréal (Issac).

Water is omnipresent in the village, and invites us to stroll in the countryside:
first, numerous springs, then the stream, the Eyraud, and several canals. They cross the village, and, in the past, supplied three mills.


The municipality seized the opportunity of its geographic situation, and the fact that the departmental Route 15 crosses it going toward Route 709, to fix up the town, so that people passing through could stop and appreciate it. After the restoration of an old bread oven, the creation of a picnic space and bowls area at the entrance to the village at the edge of Route 15, the village’s renovation continues with the landscaping of the town centre. It is a question of improving the landscaped space: the banks of the Eyraud, pond and spring, where numerous people, even some who came from far away, used to draw their water.

Another project to welcome visitors is in progress. To learn more, consult our pages on this Web site regularly.

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).