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Le Fleix Town HallVersion Française

Fleix’s coat of arms, adopted by the town council on the 20th June 1997, is as follows :
Partitions 1 & 4 are gold with a black cross adorned with five silver shells.
(These are adopted from the coat of arms of the Grailly family, Counts of Foix, Gurson and Fleix, one of whom was instrumental in the 1580 « Fleix Peace Treaty », known as the « Lover’s Truce »).



Partitions 2 & 3 are green with a silver, tapered chevron surmounted by a four-arched bridge.
• (Green evokes the valley, the hillsides and the vineyards.
• The chevron represents the point in the river from which the commune drew its original name, FLEXUS.
• The bridge, representing the 30-arched viaduct (which runs parallel to the D20), serves as a reminder of the busy port, the towing and thoroughfare of boats.)


Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).