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According to Gourgues’ dictionary the name LOLME comes from the Occitan OLM (‘orme’ meaning elm) which in turn comes from the Latin ULMUS. In his dictionary, Father Carces mentions the elm saplings planted next to the church.

A stone quarry which supplied Monpazier’s constructors with high-quality stone existed nearby. In 1556 a priory was cited as a dependence of Souillac in the Lot. In 1833, a royal decree fixed the boundaries between Lolme and St Romain and, at the request of the municipal council, a prefectorial order authorised fairs to be held on 17th February and 17th September every year. The older people of the village remember the days when these fairs were still held regularly.



In 1900 the commune counted a population of 300 although nowadays it averages 110.
With a surface area of 692 ha, the commune in fact counts 207 inhabitants today (
(official population on January 1, 2017)).

The commune of Lolme is situated in the canton of Monpazier along the CD 660 (the Bergerac to Cahors road) between Beaumont du Périgord and Monpazier. The village nestles in a valley overlooked by a plateau which stretches out into the distance over the Lot et Garonne ‘département’. The north-eastern side of the commune is covered in forest and the remainder is farmed with tobacco, maize and cereals, and planted with plum orchards.


Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).