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Maurens Town HallVersion Française

Maurens is a small town located between Bergerac and Villamblard. Its surface area is 22.5 hectares, and there are 1079 inhabitants ((official population on January 1, 2017)).
A small stream called “The Maurens” crosses the town from north to south. Its source is at “Bayard”, very near the Pointed Rock (Rocher Pointu) trail.
The commune is divided into two quite distinct geographic areas. To the north, the Landais Forest with sandy soil, and to the south, a rolling, limestone landscape.
Its main resources used to be the extraction of stone used for building, and agriculture. The quarries were gradually transformed into mushroom beds, which, unfortunately, are no longer exploited at this time.
There are several points of interest at Maurens, such as the Lacoste menhir (or Pointed Rock, Rocher Pointu), whose origin is unknown. There are a number of shelters, or underground chambers, carved by the hand of man There are also buildings of different kinds (strong houses or English houses, towers, middle-class houses, remains of supposed castles...) and tracks of the train that used to connect Bergerac and Mussidan.
Numerous springs provide water to the small valleys, notably the Ladoux, which provides drinking water for 10 towns.
Saint-Eutrope church, which dominates the town, watches over the townspeople’s many activities: a school with 120 pupils, the rich community life (bicycling, mountain biking, football, theatre, gym…), the comings and goings of the inhabitants who visit the local stores.

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Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).