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Monfaucon Town Hall Version Française

The area was occupied by prehistoric man who left behind traces of a Neolithic settlement dating from the late Magdalenian period. Towards the middle of the 12th century monks settled in the parish of Monfalco, building a priory there and clearing the plains.

Situated in the canton of La Force, on the RD 20 departmental road between St Foy la Grande and Mussidan, 25km from Bergerac, Monfaucon extends over the Landais hillsides between the valley of the Dordogne to the south and the Isle to the north. Forest, mainly pine, covers 60% of the commune’s land while vineyards, fields and farms share the remaining 40%.
The village is situated 102m above sea level at 44°55 latitude and 0°15 longitude.

The commune has a surface area of 2473 hectares and counts a population of 310 (official population on January 1, 2017).




Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).