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Monmadalès Town HallVersion Française

Monmadalès, a town of 81* inhabitants with a surface area of 504 hectares, is located in Dordogne, in the Issigeac district in Périgord Pourpre.

Monmadalès is an agricultural land, wooded, bordered by the “CONNE” brook with

-A market town
-Two hamlets and a scattered settlement
-A lovely old stone construction, restored


Life here goes back thousands of years. Chipped flint has been found in abundance.
Man moved into this hospitable plain where the climate is clement., where barley and wheat grow naturally. It is the birth of agriculture.
During Gallic times, the mount became a fortified town, OPPIDUM.
The Roman road from VESUNNA (Périgueux) to AGINNUM (Agen) crosses the commune.
During the 100 Years War, the Benedictine abbey of Monmadalès burned down. The church Sainte Madeleine remains, from Roman times. The name comes from the Latin MAGDALENA, who took part in forming the name of the village.



  * (official population on January 1, 2017)

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).