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Kibola Dovecote


The commune of Montcaret, situated half-way between Bergerac and Libourne, is rightly famous for its Gallo-Romain remains and 11thcentury church. It has a surface area of 1786 hectares.


The commune of Montcaret is spread over 1706 hectares and includes many particular points of interest, whether it be its geographical situation (the name Montcaret comes from the Latin Mons Carretum meaning ‘mount of the crossroads’) or its historical wealth (the Protestant scitadel of Montravel was situated in this commune), the diversity of its heritage, the beauty of its vine-covered hillsides or the high-quality wines which can be procured from Montcaret’s many wine-producers.


Courtesy of the National Monuments Centre


One of France’s - and indeed Europe’s - finest examples of a Gallo-Romain « villa », built around the year 300, can be found at Montcaret. The national property site is run by the French Monuments Centre ( under the direction of the Buildings of France architect.


The villa has a warm-air heating system, a « natatio » (swimming pool) and private thermal baths. A Romanesque church is situated within the confines of the villa and, buried under the floor mosaics tombstones, are 5th century barbarian Visigoth tombs. An old wash-house is currently undergoing renovation.

The history of Montcaret, a 16th century Protestant stronghold, and especially that of the citadel of Montravel which King Louis XIII’s army besieged in 1622 and destroyed stone by stone, is immensely important to the understanding of France and religion in the region.

Montcaret is surrounded by places of real historical interest : several kilometres away at St Michel de Montaigne, is the château where the philosopher Montaigne wrote the Essays which still today inspire the world over. Gurçon boasts the ruins of a medieval castle and a lake to swim in, while Vélines has the landscapes and flora of Sardy Gardens. A little further south, the villages on the far side of the Dordogne River offer - spectacular landscapes aside - ideal spots for lazing and relaxing.

As well as the points just mentioned, Montcaret has shops, services, tradespeople as is outlined in the rubric below. The excellent wines of the area merit a special mention and there are plenty of châteaux at which to stop and taste the Bergerac, Montravel and Haut-Montravel AOC wines produced around Montcaret.

A variety of clubs and associations are based in Montcaret which also belongs to several inter-commune syndicates, not to mention the ‘Pays du Grand Bergeracois’. The village fête takes place every year on the first Sunday of August.

Montcaret is a thriving, expanding town ( 1438* inhabitants), whose development projects (larger school, new housing, renovation of town centre) and wealth of historical heritage make it a fine place to live.

(official population on January 1, 2017)

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).