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Moulin Neuf Town Hall  Version Française

The coat of arms
• ‘Vert’ is the colour green in heraldic language.
• The meandering ‘argent’(silver) band represents the river Isle which winds through the plain.
• The mill irons or chevrons are the irons clamps used in wheels fittings.
• 1906 is the date when the commune was created and 1997 that when the coat of arms was adopted.


The history of Moulin-Neuf is exemplary : the small, united commune of today was once a collection of hamlets buffeted from pillar to post, from one parish to another, serving as little more than pawns in neighbouring village transactions. It first belonged to the parish of Pizou from which it was separated by the river Isle, it was then attached to Villefranche de Lonchat with which it shared no common boundaries, before finally being given to Minzac which could scarcely have cared less. Its inhabitants had to fight for commune’s existence and Moulin- Neuf was created in 1906.
It owes its name to a mill, built in 1620, which straddled the river Isle; the mill was destroyed by floods in 1826 and pulled down in 1827 to clear the river for navigational purposes.

The commune of Moulin-Neuf is situated in the canton of Villefranche de Lonchat, in the arrondissement of Bergerac, and in the Dordogne département.
Moulin-Neuf is the first village encountered on the national road RN89 going from Bordeaux to Périgueux, just past the Gironde / Dordogne border. It is one of the main entrances to the département, benefiting from the major Bordeaux - Lyons RN89 road and the A89 motorway whose east-west slip roads are only a couple of kilometres from the village.

Between the Double region to the North and the Landais region to the South, the commune of Moulin-Neuf is situated in the lower river basin of the Isle which is the recognised border with Pizou.
It is situated at roughly equal distance from Bordeaux and Périgueux (60km), 30km from Libourne, 50km from Bergerac and 22km from Castillon La Bataille.

Moulin-Neuf can be found on the following maps :
N° 75 Michelin map : 1/200 000
N°47 IGN (National Geographic) map : 1/100 000 (Bordeaux-Périgueux)
N°99 IGN (National Geographic) map, 1493 : 1/25 000 (Montpon-Ménestérol)

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).