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A Brief History of the Commune of Naussannes
The village of Naussannes was inhabited as early as the Palaeolithic period. The name of the village is noted - in the same form as it still holds - at the end of the 13th century (1286). Its Latin version of Naussanas appears in 1289. It comes from the name of a Gallo-Roman called Navicius and means « Navicius’ land or property ».

It is believed that during the Hundred Years War Naussannes, which was situated on the English side of the French / English border, served as a look-out post for the bastide of Beaumont du Périgord. What is certain is that many of the village houses date from this period.


Order of St John of Jerusalem
In the 13th century the parish of Naussannes possessed a hospital of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, annexed to the Commandery of St Nexans, where the ill, infirm, the poor and pilgrims on their way to St Iago de Compostella were received. The hospital lasted for centuries and was still operating in the last years before the Revolution, even adopting the title of Commandery of Naussannes in the early 18th century.

The chapel of the ‘Commandery’ is today the parish church and the hospital still exists, adjoining the church.

In 1759 the hospital was visited by the Commander of the Order, Brother Louis de Franc de Montgey.

NAUSSANNES’ township (20 min from Bergerac) sells building grounds (with water, electricity, telephone, access road) next to the borough.

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Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).