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Pontours Town Hall  Version Française

Market Hall


Pontours is a pretty village situated several kilometres from Lalinde on the Dordogne River’s left bank. The 214* inhabitants based in the village itself and two outlying, hillside hamlets, Couleyrie and La Mothe.

Pontours is twinned, for historical reasons, with Daubensaud in Alsace and every five or six years Périgord-Alsace exchanges take place involving two or three days of events, visits and meals with old friends.


Pontours is reached extremely easily as it is crossed by the departmental 29 road which links Bergerac and Sarlat. In fact, it is almost too easily reached as the pretty village is speedily crossed by people on their way elsewhere. What a shame that they do not stop to admire the market hall, the small 12th-century church or the swans on the river, what a shame that, although maybe wanting to eat, they pass through too quickly to notice the small picnic area created specially for them between the waters of the Dordogne and the old stone walls of Pontours.

Practical Information
Fax and photocopier available for inhabitants of Pontours (see Town Hall for conditions).

The village hall, an attractive barn renovated by the commune ten or so years ago, has a capacity of up to 150 people and a kitchen area. It can be hired by members of the commune for 77€ and by others for 229€ (see Town Hall for conditions).

Refuse disposal : rubbish containers for black and yellow bin bags are situated at Brousserand, La Mothe, Pontours crossroads, at the bus stop, at Couleyrie, Sadoul, Cayrefour, Paty, the church, at Beauchamps’ and at Vileneuve. For further information contact the Bastides Forêt Bessède SYGED

(official population on January 1, 2017)

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).