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Pressignac Vicq Town Hall  Version Française

Pressignac-Vicq is located 24 km east of Bergerac and 9 km north of Lalinde, on Departmental route 36. The Grande Randonnée (GR) hiking trail, of the land between Dordogne and Louyre, crosses the town.
The town is a part of the Bergerac district and the Lalinde canton. Its surface area is 1076 hectares, and there are 477 inhabitants
(official population on January 1, 2017).


The Coat of Arms
Let us evoke the families Gonthier of Soulas and of Beaufort, the tragedy of 1944 and the revival that arose from this tragedy, know that:
Equally divided vertically: one side is of azure with three pieces of silver, set in the border; with a cut shield of green and sand, in heart stitching on the whole.
Motto: 1960 – Pressinhacum - Vicus – 1998
The sand (black) of the shield in the middle evokes mourning that becomes less with time and succeeding generations, but its memory remains, marked in these weapons. The green grows from day to day, after having taken birth in the darkest days of the history of Pressignac.
1960: The year the town was created.
Pressinhacum-Vicum: The Latin names of the two parishes.
1998: The year these coats of arms were created.


Pressignac Church

Vicq Church

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).