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Rouffignac de Sigoulès Town Hall  Version Française

Rouffignac de Sigoulès is a commune in the canton of Sigoulès, situated 10km from Bergerac on the CD 933 country road.
It has a surface area of 652 hectares and a population of 348 (official population on January 1, 2017).

The name of Rouffignac comes from the old French ‘Rouffi’ or ‘Roffi’ meaning a cave, grotto or rock.


Of Interest
Romanesque church.
Old houses. A number of local people related stories concerning themselves and their families dating right back to the Hundred Years War.

  Some Dates
• 1722 Marriage of Jean de Guyon of St Victor and Jeanne Rousy
• 1727 Marriage of Jean-Baptiste Tardy of Montagnac and Suzanne Beysselance of Flaugeac.
• 1727 Blessing of Rouffignac presbytery built by François de Sénézergues, priest of Rouffignac.
• 1737 Christening of Elizabeth, daughter of Pierre Emery and Mlle Marie Guyon of St Victor.
• 1789 During the Revolution, marriage of Joseph Lescouf, clerk of Del Four (village) with Mlle Jeanne Beffre, known as Villebois, of Chadière.
• 1771 The church bells of Rouffignac, Pomport, Cunèges and Monestier were made by Pierre and Jean-Baptiste Soyer and their cousin, Goussel, of Toul in Lorraine. The two Rouffignac bells cost 50 ecus and 24 livres.

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).