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Saint Cernin de Labarde is a small village with 211* inhabitants and a surface area of 1139 hectares. It is a part of the canton of Issigeac.
At 133 metres high, it is bordered on the north and northwest by the commune of Conne de Labarde, and the west and southwest by Bouniagues and Monsaguel. Monsaguel and Issigeac are to the south, Monmadalès is east-southeast, and Saint Aubin de Lanquais is to the northwest.
Its coordinates are:
44°45’50’ latitude North
0°34’1’’ longitude East


The Conne, a tributary of the Dordogne, crosses the village for approximately 3 km. Its source is at the Fontaine du Roq, south of Monmadalès. Slightly upstream from the Moulin de la Lèdre, it splits into two branches, which come together at the Moulin du Faure.
On the territory of Saint Cernin the Conne is joined by the Tendoux, a stream whose source is at the Fontaine des Teyssiers, and by the Banize, which comes from Bouniagues, and separates the commune of Saint Cernin for a kilometre.


Main access road:
D14, which connects Bergerac and Issigeac.

The commune consists of 19 hamlets: le Poujol, les Saintongers, Pémontier or Pecmontier, les Tendoux, Ste Luce, Pémontier le Vieux, le Touron, le Maine, les Ducottes, Labarde, Mangraine, les Aubilles, Pébouquet, le saut de la Margot, le Moulin du Faure, la Cépède, Cantelouve, le But, Moulin Bas.

The village is located on a limestone plateau that overlooks the valley of La Conne. The commune has 200 hectares of woods.
Agriculture has structured the landscapes with a play of colours as the seasons go by, of cereal plantations (sunflower, colza, wheat, barley, oats, corn), plum trees and vineyards, giving an impression of coloured fields as far as the eye can see, dotted here and there with white stone houses, letting us surmise the proximity of the Lot et Garonne.

(official population on January 1, 2017)

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).