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Saint Georges de Blancaneix Town HallVersion Française

The topology of ‘Blancaneix’ would appear to be linked to the colour white (‘blanc’) coming from the Occitan, ‘blanca’ which in turn comes from the Germanic word, ‘blank’.
The name Blancaneix originally stems from ‘blancairas’ meaning in Occitan, an earth rich in limestone.
‘Blancaneix’ also contains the Occitan words, ‘Blaca’ (durmast oak - or ‘chêne blanc’ or the foliage of sapling oaks) and ‘blancan’(referring to the colour white).


The Blancaneix is a stream which runs through St Georges. Evidence of Gallo-Romain occupation would suggest that the site of St Georges has long been inhabited by man. The earliest mention of the parish dates to a 1267 act where it is named as Sanctus Georgius de Blancanes.
The commune forms part of the canton of La Force and is crossed by the Bergerac-Montpon sur l’Isle road, the D13.
It is situated in the Landais forest at 65m above sea-level.
The commune has a surface area of 1362 hectares and counts a population of 232* (at the last census although the population is growing).

  * (official population on January 1, 2017)

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).