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Situated in the canton (administrative district) of La Force, on the Vézelay - Santiago de Compostela Pilgrims Way, the commune (municipality) of St Géry extends over the hills of the Landais region between the Dordogne to the south and the Isle to the north.
It benefits from a strategic geographical position: the departmental road, the RD20 joining Ste Foy La Grande and Mussidan, runs through the village; it is only 9km from the A89 Bordeaux-Périgueux-Clermont Ferrand motorway and 25km from Bergerac and its airport.
The village covers a surface area of 1848 hectares.
Nestled on a hillside, the church is situated in the village centre while various hamlets are scattered throughout clearings in the woods. Forests of pine and broadleaf trees cover 50% of the land and farmland, meadows and ponds cover the rest. A stream called the Martarieux runs through St Géry before the joining the Isle. 


Saint Géry is a member of the Community of the Bergerac urban area and of the Greater Bergerac Area.

236 inhabitants (official population on January 1, 2017), its inhabitants are known as Saint Gérois.

The town’s name in Occitan is Sent Geri : Latin Sanctus Aegidius (Saint Gilles).

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).