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St Jean d’Eyraud is a pretty little village with a surface area of 1005 hectares, situated at the River Eyraud’s source in the canton of Villamblard.
Its 202* inhabitants live in the peace and quiet of a rural environment.
The village is reached by the departmental road N°15.


Coat of Arms


Coat of Arms
The name of the parish first appears in the form of «Sanctus Joh. D’Eyraut » in 1380 during the trial of Pierre de Mortier. The parish was affiliated to the chapter of St Astier which would have been the beneficiary.
The patron saint is St John the Baptist whose feast day falls on 24 June. At St Jean d’Eyraud, the source of the stream the « Eyraud » can be found at Chapt de Laygue or Cap de l’Aygue, meaning the head of the water. The stream joins the Dordogne River at St Pierre d’Eyraud.
The local seat of justice was based at Montréal.
The coat of arms evokes the source of the Eyraud as well as one of its justice-keeping Seigneurs, Pontbriand de Montréal: “from sinople to a gold badge from whence runs silver water into a silver stream at the base ; to the azure dexter canton charged with three silver arches built from sand which is Pontbriand de Montréal”.

  * (official population on January 1, 2017)

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).