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Saint-Laurent-des-Bâtons Town Hall  Version Française

Since January 1st 2017, Saint-Laurent-des-Bâtons became a commune delegated within the new commune of Val de Louyre and Caudeau.



The town of Saint-Laurent-des-Bâtons is located in the canton of Sainte Alvère. It's surface area is 1946 hectares and it has 220 inhabitants (official population on January 1, 2017).
The Caudeau river runs through this town of agricultural landscapes and old buildings with character.

There was an Augustinian priory in Guillegorse, which was attached to the abbey of Châtres and Lissouleix, a hamlet mentioned in 1199, a small dependence of Cadouin. West of Saint-Laurent, next to the Gothic church of Saint-Maurice, a fortified castle was built in the 15th century, protected by moats.


The name of the village is known by its church in the 13th century, written Sanctus Laurentius. According to legend, Saint Laurent refused to give up the church's treasures during the persecutions in the middle of the 13th century. He was burned to death. Guilhgorsa was then added to Sanctus Laurentius. This word is composed of the name of a Germanic person, Ghislarius, followed by a word of Gallic origin indicating a terrain, which gave the Occitan gòrsa “ground not very productive”.


Finally, the 18th century produced Saint-Laurent-of-Baston in 1730.
For lack of an old attestation - the word does not exist in the Gourgues dictionary - the assumption cannot be suggested. It is known only that Baston was not the name of anyone in the south. According to a tradition, pilgrims who came to meditate at Saint-Michel-de-Villadeix left a stick there for the Saint-Laurent church. Saint Maurice was joined with Saint-Laurent and appeared in the name of the commune in the19th century. The name appears in 1310, written Sanstus Mauricius. Maurice, archbishop of Lyon, would have been massacred with other Christians, at the end of the 3rd century or the beginning of 4th century.

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).