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Saint Rémy sur Lidoire Town Hall  Version Française

The hilly, country commune of St Rémy Sur Lidoire is situated in the Landais region, 8km from Montpon Menestérol, between the Dordogne and Isle valleys and has a surface area of 2226 hectares.



The village was originally called Sanctus Remigius and metamorphosed into Sen Remedy then Sainte Remede before becoming St Rémy (the patron saint of the village church).

St Rémy used to be dependent on the castellany of Montpon and these days forms part of the canton of Villefranche de Lonchat, in the heart of the ‘Périgord Pourpre’.

Historical Sites
A 12th century church which housed the tombstone of Roger de Buade, a noble of the village, used to stand in the middle of the old cemetery but in 1840 it was demolished to be replaced by the present church which has a beautiful 18th century alter piece.

The A89 motorway slip road has given St Rémy access to the outside world and the commune is currently looking to the future.





Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).