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Saint-Romain-de-Monpazier Town HallVersion Française

Saint-Romain-de-Monpazier belongs to the canton of Monpazier. The town has a surface area of 748 hectares and a population of 99 ((official population on January 1, 2017)). It is situated between the communes of St Marcory to the east; Marsalès to the south; Lolme to the southwest; Ste Croix de Beaumont to the west; Montferrand du Périgord to the northwest; St Avit Rivière to the northeast.


Transcription of a 1776 manuscript:
“St Romain, 250 inhabitants, 748 hectares, 163 ares, 218 centiares, 5 k from Monpazier ; 41 k from Bergerac ; and 2 k from Lolme.
Soil: Upper Cretaceous, ferruginous chalky limestone.
This commune is situated on a slope washed by the Beyonne stream, bad soil; red rocks, iron mine; healthy air.
The church is annexed to Lolme. The patron saint is Saint Romain of Blaye, November 26 (R.P. Carles) and perhaps Saint Romain martyr, August 9 (St Romanus) (Franc. 1556) ; Saint Rome (XVIème) (of Gour).


The church is small. It consists of a nave and a panelled chapel. There is only what is strictly necessary for worship.
The cemetery is adequate, the presbytery is in working order – Curé MALAURIE (August 1776). A village called Le Monge, which reminds one of a monastery or a monk.”

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).