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Since January 1st 2017, Sainte Alvère became a commune delegated within the new commune of Val de Louyre and Caudeau.


Sainte Alvère is known to have existed since the late Middle Ages; it is named after the martyr Alvéréna who was most probably killed by the Normans in the 9th century. The village became an important ‘Seigneury’ thanks to the Lostanges family and in the 15th century was dominated by a huge fortress; this was destroyed during the Revolution and today all that remains of the castle are three towers, the postern gate, the battlements and a dovecote. The village was then rather forgotten until the 20th century when its inhabitants distinguished themselves during World War II. Sainte Alvère is, these days, famous for its large, winter truffle market.


Chief town of the canton of the same name, Sainte Alvère is situated at the crossroads of the D2 departmental road (north/south) and the D32 departmental road (east/west), north of the Dordogne River. The village which nestles in a valley along the Louyre River is surrounded by woodland - predominantly chestnut trees - interspersed with fields and farms.

The commune counts a surface area of 3242 hectares and a population of 862 (official population on January 1, 2017).

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).