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Sainte Eulalie d'Eymet Town HallVersion Française

The town of Sainte Eulalie d’Eymet is a part of the canton of Eymet and the Bergerac district. It is located in southwest Dordogne, more precisely, 23km south of Bergerac, 5km north of Eymet and 4 km from Soumensac (Lot et Garonne).
The commune’s territory touches the communes of Thénac on the north, Sainte Innocence on the northeast, Fonroque on the east, and Lot et Garonne (Soumensac et Loubes) on the west.


The Departmental road D18 crosses the commune from north to south, passing through the town. This road links Sainte Foy la Grande (33) and Eymet. The other roads are communal routes. One of them goes to Fonroque, passing through Sainte Innocence. To the east, another road goes to the Lot et Garonne.
The town is located at the southeast of the commune, at an altitude of 91 meters. The commune’s highest point is 144 meters at Casseplegat, and the lowest point is 64 meters at Moulin de la Motte.
The commune’s surface area is 671 hectares and it has 83 inhabitants
(official population on January 1, 2017).

The commune’s name, “Sainte Eulalie d’Eymet” comes from a Sainte Eulalia who was martyred in Barcelona.
The presence of Palaeolithic and Neolithic sites at Saints Amants emphasize the occupation of the site from prehistoric times.

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).