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Sainte Innocence Town HallVersion Française

This small town is the only one in France with this name.
While traversing its countryside thanks to the hiking paths that cross the canton, you can admire the Romanesque church, and a reconstructed grotto near a communal wash house..
These buildings are emphasized at night by appropriate lighting.

The town of Sainte Innocence belongs to the canton of Eymet and the district of Bergerac. It is situated southwest of the Dordogne River, more precisely, 18 km south of Bergerac and 7 km north of Eymet.
The town's area is bordered by communes:

• Fonroque to the south
• Thénac and Sigoulès to the north
• Mescoules and Saint Julien d’Eyme to the east
• Sainte Eulalie d’Eymet to the west

Two main communal roads cross the town. The first crosses via its market town and joins the D 933.
The second connects Sigoulès to Fonroque while passing through Sainte Innocence.
These two main roads come together at the crossroads in the market town. The market town is located three kilometres east of the town, near the departmental road D 933. Its altitude is 125 meters, and the highest point is 160 meters at the water tower, the place known as “La Forêt” (The Forest), and the lowest point, west of the town, is 93 meters high.
The countryside consists of plots of vineyards alternating with grain fields or meadows, which give a play of colour to the landscape, with much seasonal change.

The commune’s surface area is 720 hectares, 80 hectares of which are woods and forests.
The population is 97 inhabitants
(official population on January 1, 2017).

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).