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Sainte Radegonde Town Hall  Version Française

This small commune is located 9 km from Issigeac, the canton’s administrative centre. It includes a part of the Agen region, and is the border of the Dordogne department, at the north of the Lot et Garonne.
Its surface area is 479 hectares and its population is 62 inhabitants
(official population on January 1, 2017).
The town is made of three plateaus. Between them is the Bournègue river, which flows in a wide valley.


The town’s administrative centre is near Sainte Radegonde’s southern border. It consists simply of a small church, which is none other than the chapel built by the English.
Its main village is Roquepine, where the Town Hall and the community room are located.


Roquepine is a bastide (walled town) founded in the 13th century by Henry III, the king of England, with the title of lordship dispensing justice for several of the canton’s communes (Boisse, Faurilles, Saint Léon and Sainte Radegonde).
The name Roquepine comes from pre-Latin "rocca", which means rock. The most probably etymology would come from RAS (of) COMN. This Celtic root breaks down into RAS, which means end, and COMN, which means height.



The commune’s coat of arms evokes the former English bastide of Roquepine and the stars of the meadow where Sainte Radegonde took refuge, associated with fleurs de lys of the queen of France. Thus, azure with three gold fleurs de lys accompanied by three silver stars, with a red chief (top) and a gold leopard.


Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).