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Vélines Town Hall  Version Française

Vélines, the district’s administrative centre, naturally opens the door to the Purple Perigord between the Gironde and Bergerac Region. The village on the hill has a view of the Dordogne, nonchalant and attractive.


The Purple Perigord is so called because of its vineyards, its leading source of wealth. It has controlled appellation wines, such as Côtes de Montravel and Montravel Dry, Bergerac, and in recent years, Montravel Red, to drink with friends and connoisseurs, in moderation of course. On a 10,47 km ², the village counts 1152 inhabitants (official population on January 1, 2017).

Since 2009, Vélines has been equipped with a new treatment plant that allows residents of Reaux, an important hamlet of the village, to enjoy the benefits of collective sanitation. The hamlet’s industrial park, defined as such in the finally completed town planning, is obviously connected to the network. This is a plus for prospective purchasers of land parcels. The direction desired by the municipality leads naturally to the development of this area.

As the headquarters of the
Montaigne, Montravel et Gurson Community of Communes, Vélines offers a multitude of services: post office, police, Intercommunal Centre for Social Action, Departmental Public Security Management (DDSP), Centre for Infant Mental Health, school and middle school groups, daycare and library. The Recreation Centre, built by the Community of Communes and soon to be operational, will let children from three to 12 years benefit from an ideal environment.

Its 12th century Romanesque church and, more recently, its altarpiece, are included in the inventory of historic monuments.

With forty associations, community life is highly developed. Aside from the flagship events such as the Hill Race and July 14 Fair, many sports have developed with neighbouring districts. Thanks to volunteers, football, rugby, gym, and hiking, among other things, satisfy those people who are hardest to please.

A detour to Vélines is a pleasant conclusion to your stay in the Dordogne.


Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).